“The Guru” joins AMTRA Solutions

AMTRA SOLUTIONS appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & CLOUDAMTRALogoFinal_FullColor (1)

“The Licensing & Cloud Guru” new addition to the AMTRA team.

Calgary, AB, March 7, 2014– Amtra Solutions appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & Cloud. Josef, also known for his online presence as the “Licensing & Cloud Guru” through his publications, speaking engagements and social media presence will direct the Amtra SAM efforts bringing an innovative way to offer AMTRA clients the best of Software Asset Management and Cloud transformation.

Josef depth of experience started in Europe leading the marketing and sales efforts on hardware and software licensing channel and solution sales in Europe. Continued building his career in North America becoming a builder of award winning Large Account Resellers, SAM consulting services and an evangelist for Cloud Computing.

Josef vision on SAM goes beyond the standards and provides synergies between application management, IT infrastructure transitions like Cloud computing, and a full understanding of compliance for multiple software vendors. Josef’s work has given him presence and reputation in the IT industry as a leader, helping multiple industry and public sector organizations across Canada, USA and Europe to achieve compliance and embrace models to adopt new technologies, truly approaching Business Intelligence to IT SAM compliance models.

Currently is a member of the Ingram Micro Services Advisory Council North America, IAMCP Canada National Executive, SRC Technology Group BC, and serves as a volunteer economic development commissioner in Maple Ridge, BC.


AMTRA Solutions is a North American leader on Application Management and IT Innovation. Our consultants are highly seasoned application packagers, developers and deployment & operations experts – each with several years of experience. They have all worked within strict and demanding environments such as Petrochemicals, Energy, Banking, Finance and the Pharmaceutical industries. We understands the importance of adherence to standards and industry regulations

AMTRA is the North American distributor of all ATEA software and services. Products include Application Manager, JumpStart, AppMarket and Service Market. ATEA is known for their high-end, high capacity client management and application packaging factory which is the largest of its kind in Europe.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact 1-855-326-0533.


Audited!!!! the balanced role of the licensing professional

Audited!!!! the balanced role of the licensing professional.

As a non regulated profession you find many types of licensing professionals, read my previous blog Types of licensing Professionals

Time and time again I have been engaged to consult on an audit that is requested right after another licensing professional involvement, specially from a vendor. Audits made on the suspicion of non compliance are normal these days when more software vendors are fishing for dollars disrupting with inquiries even the smallest of the companies.

It may not be the licensed professional fault at all that a company gets audited, however certain good practices can be established upfront:

  • The clarity of commitment to represent a costumer or a vendor
  • The clarity before  the customer and vendor to find the right solution
  • The explanation of duality of representation when exists.

The reality is that a narrowed minded vision on a licensing professional can harm as the advice should not be bias to certain goals, and it is key to establish trust and reputation in order to succeed and provide the right solution and advice to an end user costumer as well as the vendor.

Vendors should also understand that independent licensing professionals also work in the partner ecosystem and the best solution for their customers is the ultimate goal.

Specially the duality of representation is common in licensing engagements. A clear understanding on dual representation should be upfront and explained to the customer. I was reading a dual representation document that could help on this kind of situations, taken from real estate example that i edited as if it was for a licensing exercise:

“With regard to client confidences, each of you (Vendor and customer) should realize that the licensing professional cannot keep
information confidential between you, since the licensing professional is serving both of you. Therefore, by
requesting dual representation, each of you is authorizing the licensing professional to reveal each of your
licensing information, contents of documents and other disclosures and information to
the other.
After considering these factors, each of you must decide whether the licensing professional will continue to
represent both of you in connection with your licensing exercise planning, renewal or audit and related matters. If in the future
either of you wishes to have the advice of a separate licensing professional, you can do so.”

I think we apply the old rule that the costumer is always right…, (plus presumption of innocence, ) and regardless of being in two sides of the coin a licensing professional can dedicate the talent to the client with a balance for the vendor if has the right approach for both.


User CAL – revenue engine and licensing problem

User CAL – revenue engine and  licensing problem

As Microsoft is going to increase User CALs on December 1st 2012 by 15% this adds tremendous complexity for licensing agreements upon the upcoming renewal.

So far the cost for device and user CAL was the same, allowing device CAL to be used on shared device scenario and user CAL in multiple devices per user scenarios.

In order to maximize revenue of BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios and probably to make a push for the Surface tablet necessary CALs negotiated under agreements (we will see), Microsoft increases the price and will keep CIO s busy next year making sure that a good ratio of user versus device CALs are on each agreement to control costs on the renewals.

Again makes me think that Office 365 use will simplify all these complexities, and this price increase adds to my list of the “signs of times” for a full Cloud service deliver that will end old licensing models

Get ready now, study your user and device licensing consumption.

contact if you have any question: @mslicensing



Apple vs Microsoft, tablets for the Enterprise

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

With the introduction of Surface a very interesting war has started for the conquer of the Enterprise World on the tablet space. After a horrible result for PlayBooks ( I bought one believe me it was painful) the organizations looking for the best way to deliver applications and integration of their productivity software to their people is going to be a battleground that will put the industry in motion. Is not as simple as the hardware but what it can contain.

In one hand we can have Apple Ipad running Salesforce, SAP clients and interacting with any mail system, including the apps competitors offer

Microsfoft surface will play the Microsoft stack protective strategy, good integration but all Microsoft

Google flies alone, yes there are apps as with Apple but their google platform is looking at a Microsoft type of strategy.

Apple seems to have the momentum and if they play their cards as it seems to allow people with innovation integrate systems and sale on their own the ecosystem of developers will continue to increase. Apple will keep being the number one tablet provider and may conquer the Enterprise world for a few years ahead.

we will see…