Office for Home & Student cannot be used in a Business

Office for Home cannot be used in a Business
the Terms and Conditions are clear, and with the upcoming release of Office 13 that will surely have a free upgrade path buying a PC in the next month or so some businesses may delay pc purchase
Volume Licensing with Software Assurance will grant the upgrade right for businesses.
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Home and Business edition has no limit of users but cannot enjoy Volume Licensing rights for imaging for example.

Be careful with what you buy

Office Pro Plus for office 365 does not allow you to use Volume License Keys

Office Pro Plus for office 365 does not allow you to use Volume License Keys

Office Pro Plus for office 365 does not allow you to use Volume License Keys

Office Pro Plus for office 365 does not allow you to use Volume License Keys

Office 365 offers 5 installations of Office Professional plus on the E3 and E4 options.

According to Office 365 site you cannot deploy a volume license image using a KMS or MAK key in the same device, because the Volume License copy cannot co-exist:

“Office Professional Plus for Office 365 cannot be used on the same computer as a volume licensed version of Office 2010. To verify that the user has Office Professional Plus for Office 365, open an Office application, click File and then click Help. Under the version information, you should see the text ““Part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Subscription” displayed. If the version information does not contain the word Subscription, you must install Office Professional Plus for Office 365.”

This means that while connectivity from on premise to the Cloud (Volume Licensing) can exist to Office 365, to enable the use of Volume License Keys KMS for multiple deployments at the same time, it cannot happen from the Cloud service to the on premise. It will not work.

This supposes a problem for those buying Office 365 instead of volume licensing and will have to go through each user account to deploy Office Pro Plus for Office 365 media and activate online instead of using one single order to deploy all images.

The reason may be because the Product Use rights changes the concept from device to user on the use of Office:


Each user to whom you assign an User SL may install and use one copy of the software per device on up to five devices at a time”

I imagine Microsoft is trying to still protect the advantages of Volume Licensing to sell more Office licenses besides provisioning them with Office 365. However it should change in order to make sure Office 365 is ready for the Enterprise world, if not this restriction of deployment looks more like a consumer product or retail.

So, if you own Office 365 for Software Assurance and you own Office Pro plus, deploy with your VLK not with Office 365 subscription if you need to dedicate your time to better things than going through all the devices you manage; if you are not license that way…patience.

Just Plug it! Cloud computing your IT of the future

Cloud Natural Selection or Why you should start planning on your Cloud computing strategy

The time of looking at Cloud computing with the skeptical eye, maybe thinking that as a marketing term will not be fruitful is over.

In fact Cloud is on every CIO mind according to many polls, however there is a trend that it is interesting to observe from the non-technical decision makers, the CFO, CEO and even other members of organizations at all levels are pressuring their IT departments to involve Cloud offerings, support multiple devices and reduce costs using effective tools instead of reinventing the wheel on their own.

Some examples of interest points:

The CFO: the move from Capital costs to operation accost influences the interest, plus the reduce costs on infrastructure by adopting infrastructure as a service, or applications as a service; paying for subscriptions that can scale up and down instead of a full sum at once.

CEO: business productivity and reliability that processes will have a plan B and a plan C thanks to allocating infrastructure in the Cloud or critical applications. Empowering sales teams with the tools they need to work anywhere and anytime

And we have from the young ones looking to consume application on any device anywhere or the HR department that is looking to enhanced it reach with social media tools that reside in the Cloud or present to candidate an attractive IT that will get them excited about the tools to be used.

How to start:

Well consider what do you need, Infrastructure?  A platform for development? , or just consume applications? Probably you need a combination of the three.

Do you require your data to stay within the boundaries of your country?

What are the security requirements for your data? This will help you to identify the right offering according to your industry.

There are many other questions…

But now the architecture is a component that requires evaluation. Eric Moriarty (DTM Systems) explained to the VMUG group this week in Vancouver the significance of the right architecture for Cloud computing. It varies from on premise because the real advantage of the Cloud is its great use of virtualization.

The other advantages of Cloud

Once your mindset is put towards the infrastructure, platform and applications you can move to the Cloud or consume from it comes the realization that the way you buy hardware and software is going to change.  Licensing specially becomes a complex element in the current agreements you may have with the manufacturers. However the transition to a service provider licensing or subscription licensing is possible and of great advantage to gain flexibility, support and reduce the implications of compliance by letting you Cloud providers to take care of it.

Cloud can also create new lines of revenue for your company specific applications. Some software developed for specific industries, created by companies in need to have customized tools, are now seeking to be offered to others in the Cloud, so the alliances between clients and providers become as well the alliance between partners.

Cloud for start-ups

Quite frequently I am asked what IT will I consume if I was starting my own company today, obviously Cloud computing will offer flexibility and avoid a big investment upfront in IT infrastructure, IT managers become more of business productivity tool seekers than break and fix employees. Giving more meaningful roles to those who are up to date on the latest technologies that will gain competitive advantage, IT professional are able to introduce and operate new innovative tools in the moment they appear.

Tablets, smart phones and new devices made for the 24/7 work office anywhere anytime is not desired but demanded by more people every day. The changes on our understanding of quality of life and work-life balance are going to affect the way we communicate and access or share information; again, easier to consume those offerings that will enable a young company to do it.

Natural Selection

It is not in my nature to be dramatic however we are looking now at a real moment of natural selection between the companies and organizations that will compute in the Cloud Private, Public or Hybrid, however they need it, and those that will go there too late. And is not a matter of all or nothing, but a matter of leveraging the Cloud powerful offerings to make a business more efficient and profitable.  It is clearly a conversation between all involved, the CTO, CIO, CFO, CEO and the new young employee asking for work tools that will make her or him more productive.

The good thing is that to start planning, you don’t have to be alone… if you want to know more do not hesitate to contact.