“The Guru” joins AMTRA Solutions

AMTRA SOLUTIONS appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & CLOUDAMTRALogoFinal_FullColor (1)

“The Licensing & Cloud Guru” new addition to the AMTRA team.

Calgary, AB, March 7, 2014– Amtra Solutions appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & Cloud. Josef, also known for his online presence as the “Licensing & Cloud Guru” through his publications, speaking engagements and social media presence will direct the Amtra SAM efforts bringing an innovative way to offer AMTRA clients the best of Software Asset Management and Cloud transformation.

Josef depth of experience started in Europe leading the marketing and sales efforts on hardware and software licensing channel and solution sales in Europe. Continued building his career in North America becoming a builder of award winning Large Account Resellers, SAM consulting services and an evangelist for Cloud Computing.

Josef vision on SAM goes beyond the standards and provides synergies between application management, IT infrastructure transitions like Cloud computing, and a full understanding of compliance for multiple software vendors. Josef’s work has given him presence and reputation in the IT industry as a leader, helping multiple industry and public sector organizations across Canada, USA and Europe to achieve compliance and embrace models to adopt new technologies, truly approaching Business Intelligence to IT SAM compliance models.

Currently is a member of the Ingram Micro Services Advisory Council North America, IAMCP Canada National Executive, SRC Technology Group BC, and serves as a volunteer economic development commissioner in Maple Ridge, BC.


AMTRA Solutions is a North American leader on Application Management and IT Innovation. Our consultants are highly seasoned application packagers, developers and deployment & operations experts – each with several years of experience. They have all worked within strict and demanding environments such as Petrochemicals, Energy, Banking, Finance and the Pharmaceutical industries. We understands the importance of adherence to standards and industry regulations

AMTRA is the North American distributor of all ATEA software and services. Products include Application Manager, JumpStart, AppMarket and Service Market. ATEA is known for their high-end, high capacity client management and application packaging factory which is the largest of its kind in Europe.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact 1-855-326-0533.

Calling for a change on OEM OS licensing… because I like other devices.

Windows 8 (8.1) is a single experience for all devices. It works for some people, not really for me, I like different experiences in life. Despite my personal taste on OS use, the premise behind Microsoft’s OS campaign is that one single OS can deliver the same experience on a phone, pc or tablet.

Microsoft has done a very good job at owning the OS market for many years on the pc side. Today’s evolution of devices claims a more open market. We have “phablets”, tablets and phones doing more tasks we used to do on a pc than ever before. We chose devices qualifying them for more than we used to… the graphics, size, entertainment purposes beyond work, cameras, level of connectivity etc…

As we evolve on our use of multiple devices I imagine that having a “single experience” across all devices must be a very good premise to capture market as Microsoft marketing strategy, however going back to basics, like many years ago, we should get the device we like because of the functionality we seek.

In some cases Android devices have the perfect attributes for certain jobs, still for work purposes I would prefer to combine a Windows OS on the same device as my Android OS. Taking virtualization to the device even the mobile device and tablet will help us to use them in different scenarios in life.

As the revenue war is driven more towards Office 365 these days. Productivity tools should be available on any OS. And I know that what I am asking here is hard.., but it will be so much interesting, flexible, and user-friendly if we could obtain the OS separate from the device, or add to it a partition.

I heard rumors that this is coming to the mobile world. I wonder how OEM OS licensing rights will change to enable a new reality… Diversity.


Office for Home & Student cannot be used in a Business

Office for Home cannot be used in a Business
the Terms and Conditions are clear, and with the upcoming release of Office 13 that will surely have a free upgrade path buying a PC in the next month or so some businesses may delay pc purchase
Volume Licensing with Software Assurance will grant the upgrade right for businesses.
I recommend a quick read to the following blog


Home and Business edition has no limit of users but cannot enjoy Volume Licensing rights for imaging for example.

Be careful with what you buy

The w7 Roll out and the Wyse terminal compliance Issue

Recently I spoke to a client looking to roll out Windows 7 that for several years has used Wyse terminals for thinclients. That was before Wyse started a relation with Microsoft for offering an embeded OS on teh Thinclients

Result: they were streaming a “vanilla”Xp from the server without a Volume License Windows or OEM

Terminal Server CALs or Remote Desktop Services CALs are NOT OK to substitute Windows OEM on the desktop or laptop

Get Genuine Agreement had to be put in placed

Here is a list of qualified OS.

Remember if you dont have OEM you better check out on compliance

As requested, you can see below only OEM from MS or Apple are qualified on devices for Microsoft licensing

The qualifying operating systems by Program type are:

Qualifying Operating Systems  
New EA/
Existing EA/OV-CW Select (All except academic) Open (All except academic & charity & OV-CW) Academic & charity
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Enterprise (N, K, KN) x x x x x
Professional (N, K, KN, diskless) x x x x x
Ultimate x x x x x
Home Premium         x
Home Basic         x
          Starter Edition         x
Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Enterprise (N, K, KN) x x x x x
Business (N, K, KN, Blade) x x x x x
Ultimate x x x x x
Home Premium         x
Home Basic         x
          Starter Edition         x
Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Professional (N, K, KN, Blade) x x x x x
Tablet Edition (N, K, KN, Blade) x x x x x
XP Pro N x x x x x
XP Pro Blade PC x x x x x
 Home &  Starter Edition         x
Windows 2000 Professional x   x x x
Windows NT Workstation 4.0 x   x x x
Windows 98 (including 2nd Edition) x   x x x
Apple Macintosh x   x x x