“The Guru” joins AMTRA Solutions

AMTRA SOLUTIONS appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & CLOUDAMTRALogoFinal_FullColor (1)

“The Licensing & Cloud Guru” new addition to the AMTRA team.

Calgary, AB, March 7, 2014– Amtra Solutions appoints Josef Hans Lara as Director of SAM & Cloud. Josef, also known for his online presence as the “Licensing & Cloud Guru” through his publications, speaking engagements and social media presence will direct the Amtra SAM efforts bringing an innovative way to offer AMTRA clients the best of Software Asset Management and Cloud transformation.

Josef depth of experience started in Europe leading the marketing and sales efforts on hardware and software licensing channel and solution sales in Europe. Continued building his career in North America becoming a builder of award winning Large Account Resellers, SAM consulting services and an evangelist for Cloud Computing.

Josef vision on SAM goes beyond the standards and provides synergies between application management, IT infrastructure transitions like Cloud computing, and a full understanding of compliance for multiple software vendors. Josef’s work has given him presence and reputation in the IT industry as a leader, helping multiple industry and public sector organizations across Canada, USA and Europe to achieve compliance and embrace models to adopt new technologies, truly approaching Business Intelligence to IT SAM compliance models.

Currently is a member of the Ingram Micro Services Advisory Council North America, IAMCP Canada National Executive, SRC Technology Group BC, and serves as a volunteer economic development commissioner in Maple Ridge, BC.


AMTRA Solutions is a North American leader on Application Management and IT Innovation. Our consultants are highly seasoned application packagers, developers and deployment & operations experts – each with several years of experience. They have all worked within strict and demanding environments such as Petrochemicals, Energy, Banking, Finance and the Pharmaceutical industries. We understands the importance of adherence to standards and industry regulations

AMTRA is the North American distributor of all ATEA software and services. Products include Application Manager, JumpStart, AppMarket and Service Market. ATEA is known for their high-end, high capacity client management and application packaging factory which is the largest of its kind in Europe.

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SQL and Microsoft audits – the money maker

Recently my level of engagements with SQL licensing has increased due to the Software Asset Management team at Microsoft strong campaign delivered earlier this year performing audits to Microsoft customers.

SQL on test environments, for third-party applications support, embedded into cloud offering and the change from per processor to core licensing have created great complexities that without careful review can become a real issue on non compliance .

When you evaluate your SQL footprint make sure of the following:

  • You know which instances are on test environments and that you have enough Visual Studio licenses with appropriate SQL capabilities for your development team.
  • Understand which software vendors have a subscription SQL database that will be their responsibility to license
  • Understand the number of users that access each instance .
  • Be aware of inactive SQL databases still showing on your inventory reports but not accessed by anybody.

If you carefully review your SQL footprint you may take advantage of a “cleaning exercise” to make sure any audit will not force you to purchase unnecessary licenses.

good luck!

Let me know if you require assistance.


Virtual environments licensing issues with Terminal Services (RDS)

Recently I have been asked several times for Virtual environments for contractors Terminal Services (RDS)

There is a critical distinction to make, virtualizing the OS or Applications has different issues.

to put in Q&A format:

  • Do any of the rights of the desktop Office 2010 license extend to the hosted environment?

Yes, If the computers accessing Office on the RDS server are owned by the company, you only need to use the license through volume licensing for Office for each desktop whether Office is run on the local desktop or from the RDS server.

  • What about remote access from home  or contractor PCs not owned by us?

you will need to get a license of Office for each desktop and a license through volume licensing for each RDS session. Unless you had SA because SA comes with Roaming Rights. (SA has MDOP – Microsoft Desktop Optimization Platform)

A contractor is not part of your organization so roaming rights ONLY apply for primary users of the company

  • What if we want to do a virtual image of the OS?

make sure the home PCs from primary users have its own valid Windows OEM, then by using VDA licenses if you did not purchase Software Assurance will be the subscription you need. If you own Software Assurance with MDOP subscription you are good to go.

Again roaming rights apply only to primary users

A valid option will be Office 365 for example for Office, it gives up to 5 installations to each user and the company can assign the licenses to the users they authenticate.

more info:



Office 365, a new way to get CALs

English: M in blue square (similar to seen on )

Sometimes I am amazed about the changes on licensing that are coming thanks to the Cloud. It is obvious that Microsoft is putting its socks on to enable the transition to Cloud licensing faster and with agility.

Here is another example

Office 365 entitles you to us as CALs in your on premise infrastructure for the equivalent licenses you are using in the Cloud

This is an example for Lync, note that you can also see similar for SharePoint, Forefront, and Exchange etc.

Lync Server 2010 Enterprise

The license terms that apply to your use of this product are the Universal License Terms, the General License Terms for this Licensing Model, and the following:     

Self-Hosting of Applications Allowed: No   Additional Software: Yes

License Mobility Within Server Farms: Yes

Included Technologies: .NET Framework and/or Powershell Software (See Universal License Terms)


You need:

•           Lync Server 2010 Standard CAL, or

•           Core CAL Suite3, or

•           Core CAL Bridge for Windows Intune3, or

•           Enterprise CAL Suite1, or

•           Enterprise CAL Bridge for Windows Intune2, or

•           Lync Plan 1 USL, or

•           Lync Plan 1G USL, or

•           Lync Plan 2 USL, or       

•           Office 365 Plan E1-E4 User SL, or

•           Office 365 Plan A3-A4 User SL,



Additional Functionality:

•           Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

•           Desktop Sharing Required Additive CAL:

•           Lync Server 2010 Enterprise CAL, or

•           Enterprise CAL Suite1, or

•           Enterprise CAL Bridge for Windows Intune2, or

•           Lync Plan 2 User SL , or

•           Office 365 Plan E1-E4 User SL, or

•           Office 365 Plan A3-A4 User SL, or

•           Live Meeting Standard User SL, or

•           Live Meeting Professional User SL

1 with active Software Assurance coverage on December 1, 2010, or later

2 with active Software Assurance coverage on March 1, 2011, or later

 Additional Functionality:

•           Voice Telephony

•           Call Management            Required Additive CAL:

•           Lync Server 2010 Plus CAL, or

•           Lync Online Plan 3 User SL, or

•           Office 365 Plan E4 User SL

Some licenses will need the following:

Active Software Assurance coverage on December 1, 2010, or later

Active Software Assurance coverage on March 1, 2011, or later

Active Software Assurance coverage on August 1, 2011, or later


This is in my opinion a helpful way to transition from Volume Licensing to Cloud Licensing in this case with Office 365, helping the “mobility rights” not only from Software Assurance to the Cloud but from the Cloud back to the traditional infrastructure.

Source of information: Microsoft Product Use Rights