Josef Hans Lara Bio

With large experience in the information technology industry Josef started his career in Europe leading the marketing and sales efforts on hardware and software channel sales. Continuing to build his career into North America he became the lead for Large Account Resellers developing award winning licensing services and helping multiple industry and public sector organizations across Canada and the USA to achieve compliance and embrace models to license Cloud computing.

Josef’s desire to help organizations in understanding the complexities of Volume Licensing and other models encouraged him to become a published author on Microsoft licensing with his book, ‘The Licensing Guru’. Also an avid blogger and videocast educator, Josef prides himself on sharing his knowledge in order to provide the best options available, ensuring a fuller understanding of the voluminous possibilities in an ever changing sector of the I.T. industry.

A adept combination in keeping his licensing certifications current and with Josef’s exceptional interpersonal skills and diligence to his field have helped in developing a unique and customize approach for clients to resolve their Software Asset and Acquisition Management as well as strategize to adopt Cloud computing in compliance.


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