The moment of Windows Intune is upon us

Software Products require maturity and time, and what looked indifferent before may now be the “way”, maybe the most optimal way to get the best results of a technology.

I think it the Windows Intune moment, however in a different perspective than what the general marketing of Intune shows, Microsoft is just starting to show the full potential.

Intune is more than mobile device management services. It is a new way to control soft assets and Cloud usage. Intune is the future of IT management and Application delivery, only that is here already.

As a Microsoft partner I recognize that relevance comes from trust in the branding presented to our clients, doing a good job, and always improve in innovation. When we portray an image of the future of IT and the enablement capabilities of the Cloud, is obvious that the Hybrid Server Cloud Infrastructure, the total mobility of devices and the total freedom of OS usage is the “way”.

Intune is different from other Microsoft products as it is born in the Cloud, observes the best of on premise practices and innovates on application delivery management. Allows for more “freedom” and choice.

I have found many potential services through Intune from the features that it provides. It even includes an OS subscription being a disruptive entry to the traditional Volume Licensing models. As a Software Asset Management expert, it is exciting to see how licensing evolution is driven by the way we consume IT instead of the non-related influences that make licensing so complicated.

In my opinion, it is the time of Windows Intune…

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