SQL and Microsoft audits – the money maker

Recently my level of engagements with SQL licensing has increased due to the Software Asset Management team at Microsoft strong campaign delivered earlier this year performing audits to Microsoft customers.

SQL on test environments, for third-party applications support, embedded into cloud offering and the change from per processor to core licensing have created great complexities that without careful review can become a real issue on non compliance .

When you evaluate your SQL footprint make sure of the following:

  • You know which instances are on test environments and that you have enough Visual Studio licenses with appropriate SQL capabilities for your development team.
  • Understand which software vendors have a subscription SQL database that will be their responsibility to license
  • Understand the number of users that access each instance .
  • Be aware of inactive SQL databases still showing on your inventory reports but not accessed by anybody.

If you carefully review your SQL footprint you may take advantage of a “cleaning exercise” to make sure any audit will not force you to purchase unnecessary licenses.

good luck!

Let me know if you require assistance.



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