Office 365 Midsize Business, issues

Imagine that you want to buy some midsize business (M) O365 licenses and combine them with your field workers Kiosk licenses. Or even some E3 for your executives


M license cannot be combined for the same domain customer with any other

Basically if you categorize yourself in the mid size business sku that is all you can subscribe

So before you take the decision maybe you want to analyze a combination of Kiosk, E3 (as E2 was killed recently) and other subscriptions

This is a blow against distribution too as M license is the only one offered through the channel that allows MSP to mark it up.., Microsoft should change this and remove it from the long list of punches to the MSP sector.


Allow Kiosk licenses to be purchased by other non enterprise clients.

To protect a specific medium market against all combinations does not seem like a good licensing strategy. Nor even a good sales strategy…

And another thing, Microsoft please stop changing subscription plans, keep them for a year to see what happens!..,just my opinion.

to understand more about O365 contact me @mslicensing

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