Office 365 as a compliance solution

It is no mystery that Small medium businesses are jumping faster into the Cloud licensing options. Enterprise level organizations have a different pace. Licensing however can be offered not as a computing solution but as a compliance solution, and as Office 365 offers on premise use of the licenses one can imagine that Microsoft would easily allow the full transition of Enterprise Agreements (EA) into the EA based on Office 365 licensing…

Not really, I can see very protective approach to deals on EAs, while customers are looking to change the licensing models to subscriptions even on the EA renewal or new EA.., Microsoft stills wants the traditional Volume Licensing with a discounted Office 365 on top of it as option number one.

This lack of flexibility can hurt Microsoft if customers start dropping EAs to use Office 365 and a handful of other licenses on other programs.

My comment is based regarding the following:

  • Why VL + % discount O365?
  • why not VL or Office 365? to choose from.

The transition within the EA term is possible, but why not directly on renewal or why not offer a truly dedicated EA to subscription licensing?

And why not offering a different platform?, for example:

an EA with Office 365, Intune and Azure:

  • with on premise rights
  • without bridge CALs
  • allowing virtualization
  • offering a platform like discount if having the three Cloud components.

It will definitely attract Enterprise level organizations to see their existing options just expanded.

Just a thought.

5 thoughts on “Office 365 as a compliance solution

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  2. How about a private cloud version that includes the following:
    1 x office standard
    1 x core cal access to server, exchange,
    1 x Base windows licence like VDA that can be transfered between hosts for DR

    Is named user and can be used in VDI and accessed by the named user from any devices on a 1 to 1 access

    All for £120 per year and call in private cloud licence , MS get a sub and the company get something easy to understand and use.

  3. That is still hosted on someone elses equipment and has to cross though USA cable to be accessed , even if its in Canada. To be clear for comapnies to have internally were they have a certain amount of control on whats plugged into the network

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