Social Media, get on-board or see it pass

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Social Media, get on-board or see it pass.

In a couple of recent occasions I had the privilege to be invited to speak to people in the industry and though the questions addressed to me were related to business development and collaboration, is precisely in the moment I start talking about Social Media when I see the crowd looking at me like the just saw a ghost.

I simply mention how Social Media is helping me to create relations, meet people, find opportunities and close deals.

The power of networking and sharing ideas is such that I invite valuable messages to be shared with me to extend the knowledge to my network wither trough comments, or blogging about it, making a podcast, re-tweeting etc… The same I expect in return and this exercise is proven to strengthen the ties with partners and help each other on the value we want to bring to the market together. The same with customers who see me now as an extension of their business goals because of the extension they can get through shared networks.

Some people have a LinkedIn account, tweeter account, and Facebook account… they think that is all needed in this day and age. Wrong, is by sharing thoughts and making the effort to recognize value on the satisfactory levels of Social Media (recommendations, Likes) that the power of it results into real business action. Don’t just have accounts on Social Media, use them!.

Is this a generational problem? maybe, as the young ones in the audience don’t question what I say, but even people in their thirties wonder about the validity of Social Media.

Is because I am a social animal? Maybe, but if you are in sales and business development, you are supposed to be social too. Product driven sales people will not succeed in the new era of sharing information “fast & furious” as social media allows. If you carry a catalog but not business value, you are doomed.

For me, the idea around it is that we end up doing business with people we like and trust. Building that reputation offline and online increases the market extension and credibility comes from providing value from thought leadership.

It may be the new “Natural Selection” of the business people for the coming ten years. There is help, publications, blogs and professional services like Socialized

My advice: get on board now, if you see it pass, somebody else will jump on this train soon enough to take the advantage…


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