Windows 8 and Office keynote Vancouver notes

Does windows 8 have everything needed?
Why should I use it?
That is the key question, you may think on tablet use, combine with your desktop on windows 7, correct. You may think about touch screens, correct.
Did you know that in Canada 70% of Canadian businesses from the Enterprise to the big small medium business still run XP?
This is what I think, moving out of windows XP is not the question, the question is that the new use of new devices and consumerization of IT will help windows 8 adoption, and is a better story than for Office
I love Office it has been key for me for years I even use OneNote in my iPad, and of course with Citrix or VMware I use full desktop experience on my iPad as well, but why should I go to office 13?… Document compatibility is guaranteed between office 10 and the new Office, this is good for the consumer but may slow adoption for businesses, if the story focuses on the use of the documents online and access them in multiple devices, that is a great value proposition, however it will gain importance not immediately but over the next year as more companies allow a broader device use, get familiar with new model of works for mobile users…
Licensing wise, it is great to see more licensing options through subscription than ever before, and just by the cost of software licensing subscription Microsoft may find another way to convince CIO and CFO to buy and push deployment of windows and office
Still along way to go, but I am optimistic of the future of windows 8 and new office, it may be the start of the “cool factor” for Microsoft. Will it be enough for businesses? Certainly it will start with the consumers




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