User CAL – revenue engine and licensing problem

User CAL – revenue engine and  licensing problem

As Microsoft is going to increase User CALs on December 1st 2012 by 15% this adds tremendous complexity for licensing agreements upon the upcoming renewal.

So far the cost for device and user CAL was the same, allowing device CAL to be used on shared device scenario and user CAL in multiple devices per user scenarios.

In order to maximize revenue of BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios and probably to make a push for the Surface tablet necessary CALs negotiated under agreements (we will see), Microsoft increases the price and will keep CIO s busy next year making sure that a good ratio of user versus device CALs are on each agreement to control costs on the renewals.

Again makes me think that Office 365 use will simplify all these complexities, and this price increase adds to my list of the “signs of times” for a full Cloud service deliver that will end old licensing models

Get ready now, study your user and device licensing consumption.

contact if you have any question: @mslicensing



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