Types of Software Licensing professionals

Types of Software Licensing professionals

In a non regulated profession, there are a mix of individuals that claim to be professionals and they differ from each other.

Actually, diversity is fun, however in order to discern the real value on services is important to understand the right individual for the right job.

For Software licensing there are  those individuals that have a different view of what the definition of software licensing professional is, I will try to show some examples:

  • The Vendor type: working for a single software producer is very knowledgeable on contracts and compliance for a single type of strategy. Great to deal with if you happen to work with this particular vendor. Maybe not the best option for a broader look at strategy on multiple vendors.
  • The Reseller contract specialist: some are good at purchasing and have some knowledge of contracts self proclaim themselves as licensing experts. They can be talented but maybe not the best option for compliance and may deceive you on what you don’t know.
  • The licensing expert: the one that not only has a good understanding of purchasing, contracts and strategies but is also able to pick up an IT project and architect licensing.

There may be others but so far I find that this could correspond to the majority of people I know working with licensing.

As licensing evolve the less control on traditional assets companies have, new subscriptions come into place the ability for licensing professionals to make an earning depend more and more on consulting, more than the selling of the license itself. For this reason you may find a lot of people working on inside sales roles that claim the knowledge but may not be as qualified than those individuals that have taken the step to do consulting and other activities related for the progression of their careers.

On Software Asset Management great products are also coming that will make some of the licensing professional automatic, like Flexera software or 1E products. The one thing only a human brain can do right now is to strategize and look carefully at the T&Cs that relate to business goals beyond IT.

Ask yourself if you need:

  • a consultant to give you the right strategy
  • a consultant to provide you with the architecture of licenses around IT projects
  • a reseller to tell you just cost options
  • a consultant to take you to the Cloud
  • or a person that handles well renewals and contracts.

Make sure your interests are beyond other parties if you hire one to negotiate for you. In the reseller world the heavy burdens of revenue goals between partners is a real bias.

Good luck,

Let me know if you need more information. 



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