Apple vs Microsoft, tablets for the Enterprise

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

With the introduction of Surface a very interesting war has started for the conquer of the Enterprise World on the tablet space. After a horrible result for PlayBooks ( I bought one believe me it was painful) the organizations looking for the best way to deliver applications and integration of their productivity software to their people is going to be a battleground that will put the industry in motion. Is not as simple as the hardware but what it can contain.

In one hand we can have Apple Ipad running Salesforce, SAP clients and interacting with any mail system, including the apps competitors offer

Microsfoft surface will play the Microsoft stack protective strategy, good integration but all Microsoft

Google flies alone, yes there are apps as with Apple but their google platform is looking at a Microsoft type of strategy.

Apple seems to have the momentum and if they play their cards as it seems to allow people with innovation integrate systems and sale on their own the ecosystem of developers will continue to increase. Apple will keep being the number one tablet provider and may conquer the Enterprise world for a few years ahead.

we will see…

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