The end of hardware, the era of “Personal Satisfaction” for IT solutions

Today I had a conversation about the end of hardware and how companies need to check the new offerings consuming IT. I called it “The end of hardware, the era of “Personal Satisfaction” for IT solutions

This affects the CFO and CIO normal processes and way of understanding IT, and now that more and more solutions are going to virtualization on data centers or Cloud enabled services the projection of IT costs, budgeting and other become more complex.
Licensing being a big part of IT costs is affected however there are pathways to the Cloud or other types of arrangements/contracts that can enable flexibility to correct or advance, even scale down the costs of IT.
For this reason my comment here is how critical is to start planning NOW on the expenditures of IT and the two plans
Moving to consume IT (Cloud or related services)
Optimizing current investment (taking advantage of existing Datacenters).
The uncertainty on the platforms and future use exists, however one thing is clear, we are moving into a “personal satisfaction” use of IT. Strategies and efforts will be made to enable people to enjoy the productivity tools that will help them do their job, stay connected and socialize.
May be your end users, as we used to describe them, or the franchisees you support. As applications go to the servers on premise or Cloud, the big question will be the satisfaction of the use of applications and the productivity increase as part of the way to make those applications integrate, communicate and relate to people using IT
In a way the full transformation of the IT infrastructure is subject to a shift on IT that is no longer used at work but is just part of life and there are no more barriers between home and office, for example
Start planning today; working everyday on this I guarantee that thought leaders in their businesses will be the dominants on their markets.
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