Apple and the Enterprise world, Microsoft ahead despite Apple’s share appreciation.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I love Apple products, don’t get me wrong. Recent news makes me wonder again about Apple desire to enter the Corporate market. I mean offering software and hardware to enterprises with full integration between applications and robust data, e-mail, monitoring and security.

Apple stocks today, in August 2012 are higher than ever. I should stop playing with Google financial and really have purchased some. The financial world sees Apple shares as the most valuable ever in the IT industry. Apple strategy to offer cool products to consumers, the culture has created around them and the great first glance experience are unprecedented.

Microsoft had no control on that consumer first experience opinion and culture building exercise as other partners built the computers, I think the move to create the Surface is a great option to test the waters and be succesful. However to truly impact the market, Microsoft should leverage on the great business experience the Surface and Microsoft applications could play.

I can see clearly Microsoft strategy on winning the enterprise market and then the consumer market. Apple stopped them time ago on the consumer market, and both companies are carefully maintaining the dominance in both verticals so share holders keep valuing the shares as they want. But we humans are greedy animals, we always want more and my question to Apple is: are you ever going to target the Enterprise? Will your culture of consumers that love your products be satisfied with tools that are meant for a household or will you start the risky path to move ahead to win the big names for clients of the corporate world.

In the same way Microsoft could not control the hardware, Apple cannot control the integration of all the applications that other parties have created that work on Ipads, for example. An Ipad user can do many things for work on them, but is not able to integrate a full stack of applications for the full interactivity with the work, depends too much on non Apple applications,  business related critical applications don’t work together.

I imagine the question is not if Apple wants to enter that game, is a question how to do it with a big offering that works from day one, and then displace expensive software contracts by replacing at the same time the hardware Apple cherished so much.

Google is trying it all, an interesting experiment that is winning battles but not yet the war.

There was an attempt years ago by Apple, I saw a presentation of an Apple server for companies but I did not see sales of it where I used to work. I imagine we will not see Apple moving to the enterprise direction for quite a while.

Is Microsoft then ahead of the game despite Apple appreciation in the financial markets?

Maybe , because they are coming from the opposite direction, making things work together on a single platform that can reduce costs in long-term as Cloud licensing is going to enable more flexibility. Now Microsoft will offer the tablet, coming from the premise that it will work with all you use, plus a phone that will be an extension of all you use as well. And one other element Apple is not yet investing in, the social aspect of video gaming.

I love Apple products, as I said, and not being my place to be in an Apple executive shoes I just want to adventure to comment that will be great to see the world bringing more competitive solutions for all verticals, because diversity will enrich technology and will eliminate barriers, helping us, the consumers in the corporation or home to use anything we like and not having to choose a single platform.


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