Twitter is Down!

I thought that by today Twitter would have redundancy, High Availability, Great Backup, Failover…a world class Cloud Infrastructure. I guess Twitter needs DTM Systems help.
It is not easy, I bet, to have an Infrastructure that serves Twitter large amount of users, it will be great to know the reasons why is down today. It brings the question about their server Infrastructure. How is it architected, what kind of technology solutions are using? Did the problem come from a service provider that did not have Failover ready for twitter, is Twitter own farm not in today’s standards comparable to other competitors like Facebook, Google Plus.
From my point of view a business like tweeter, is so important these days (and becoming number one search engine, and social media tool,) that would have an amazing Infrastructure for its Cloud based web application like no other.
What can we do to help tweeter?, Sometime the advance on the Infrastructure as a Service IaaS is not adopted quickly, multiple reasons for that, however I have learned thanks to my friends and experts at DTM Systems that a scalable infrastructure is ideal for the Cloud, a setup of the servers and virtual machines that will be able to use the latest technologies to guarantee business continuity, scale up and down, control and managed. This is not only available for big companies like Twitter but today standards make it possible for ANY size business. I have seen it in action is amazing what these architects can do
Obviously I cannot speculate what has gone wrong with Tweeter, however if the issue was on how they have set up their Infrastructure I have a very serious message:
Twitter friends; let us have a chat, a serious chat about IaaS

I give you an example of a world class architect:

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