Choosing The Microsoft Stack for work (a personal reflection)

Allow me some personal reflections on the subject in the coming lines.

Technology wars show us the horses in the race, Microsoft, Google, and Apple as main owners of the conscience of technology users. complementary brands like VMware and Citrix follow along the infrastructure on the virtualization or optimization side.

Apple is keen to my heart on the consumer side, I like the Iphone, I like the Apple TV, I like the computers and how they look, function, set of applications included on the computers, Ipad and Ipods. I like the products however for business I looked at other options. Why? because of the integration between applications I consume in the server and in my devices.

About Google, I find the Gmail a great tool, I have used the Google Docs and I can see the free ideal start-up type of solutions. But in the moment of using the applications and avoid issues transferring documents to my Microsoft user clients, I don’t feel that comfortable, May be my lack of knowledge? probably. Without devices with Android I am not that familiar how the Google stack can compete, however…

Microsoft offers me a stack of products, from the device Office, Exchange for email, now enhanced on the Cloud with Office 365, SharePoint, and other applications become essentials. I find easier the integration on this platform than others. My bet is the Microsoft stack. not only on the traditional Microsoft products, but also finances with Dynamics GP and sales reporting with Dynamics CRM.

Am I an unusual user? I dont’ think so. Like many other people I may use Apple or Google at home, Xbox with Netflix and other consume ready media devices, bringing the tablet into my entertainment tools and window to the internet By the way i won a Playbook (ufff) and an Ipad. The three companies are pushing me to decide to use them beyond the boundaries I set up. But as of today my mind is clear on those boundaries…

At work, I want full integration between all my devices, I don’t want issues on document compatibility and above all, the ability to mix my device use with Cloud services so I can work anywhere anytime because connectivity for more production brings a bargaining card for more flexible working time hours.

I chose Microsoft:

  • the investment was done on software and infrastructure, I don’t want to pay more
  • Microsoft is looking and driving Cloud
  • allows me to create My Cloud and use the Microsoft Cloud together
  • integrates with its products and I can use them in any device
  • Windows 8 will work on any of my devices
  • Lync is my prefered communications and telephony technology.
  • Dynamics I show I review and control my work

but I have a problem…

My phone is in between the worlds of Microsoft apps I want to access and the iOS I love from my iPhone. What should I do?… use Microsoft phone for work and Iphone on the weekends?

I believe today Microsoft offers for businesses a very robust and great set of technologies that can make my job succesful. I bet on this horse. We will see what the future brings.


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