Open Value and Office 365

There is certain uncertainty about O365 and Open Value or Open Value subscription (OVS) with O365

Software Assurance is the key, not just EA clients can benefit from a lower cost of Office 365 but also the Open Value (and Open Value Subscription) you can benefit if you have the company-wide option.

Cloud will be more accessible and adopted at tyour pace adding the O365 functionality and not paying for the full price as the investment on Software Assurance compensates.

if you own Core Cal is entitled to get O365 E1 to E4 at a lower price the same for Enterprise CAL owners.

What about Office Professional Plus? if you own Software Assurance E3 and E4 can be acquired at a lower price

What happens in the Renewal time?

If you want to continue the Open Value (or OVS) then you will be able to subscribe at a lower rate to O365, however if you decide to go totally to Office 365, you will need to still get the Windows Server CALs on premise to maintain workloads.


Core CAL includes use rights for Exchange and SharePoint

Enterprise CAL includes use rights for Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Forefront

4 thoughts on “Open Value and Office 365

  1. I’m on OVS that’s up for renewal next month. Thinking that O365 is a possibility. Why is it cheaper ? I Only require Office PRO PLUS

    • Well
      if you add it to OVS then is an extra expense, however to save money will depend on when is your OVS renewal, then you can allocate the right subscription
      contact me for further details

  2. Office 365 Pro Plus. What to choose Open Value or Open License? Customer is a stable company with 50 employee. Is still using Office 2007 Pro. Is currently switching to Office 365 and already bought 12 licenses at a online shop. OS: They use Wyse terminal clients to connect to a Microsoft Terminal server running on Windows server 2008 st. Besides that they use a SBS server for exchange etc. I read the following case at: Does this mean when switching to open value he will have to count all qualified clients even when some of them haven a open license agreement and some user are not even using office 365 yet?

    So where to go? Keep adding open licenses or move to open value?

    • Hi Ron,
      You are correct on the complexity when clients have already purchased. Open Value Subscription requires company wide agreement, indeed will have to be all or nothing, the ideal client for this option is the one standardizing and in need to adopt a company wide strategy.
      In the case the client has purchased already some licenses you can do a couple things:
      1. keep an open license purchasing model,you can offer them to buy from you, not directly with Microsoft if you for example resell from your preferred distributor.
      2. discuss with Microsoft them to include the existing licenses into the open value subscription agreement, basically acknowledging those existing licenses and adding the rest to the total of employees.
      Sounds like in your scenario client does not have the need for all employees using Office 365, I recommend option 1 above in that case. you can always send me an email to discus more.

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