Office 13 the modern Office is a Cloud Service

Today announcement of Office 13, is a clear definition of what Cloud is for Microsoft, an essential service to access information anywhere anytime. For Office 13 means that the interaction with Cloud on document management Skydrive interacting with all devices using Office 13 will allow a true Office fully anywhere. The significance of Office conceptualized to Cloud will open the ability for people to work an create content quickly and seemly without saving multiple copies of documents, and having the ability to extend from PCs to mobile devices.

If you work with Office today it is quite certain you will be looking for to use Office 13 with Skydrive. Obviously Microsoft says is the best experience with Windows 8.

Yammer will change SharePoint on the new Office edition. SharePoint will be more interactive and be connected with the rest of the organization using it.

Office 365 will preview Office SharePoint and other application to enhance the experience.

Microsoft is thinking “social” from Lync to SharePoint as mentioned, to Outlook and OneNote. Social networking feeds are aggregated, to keep track of what is happening.

Microsoft has 1 billon users of Office and envisions the expansion of Skype as is now integrated with Office 13

Licensing: as Cloud is the focus, subscription license goes with it, not only in the specific case of Office365 that allows installation of Office Pro Plus but for the Windows 8 and other products.

Subscription licensing is a game changer, contracts with stack of products not used are no longer the desirable licensing model for many organizations but the ability to consume when needed, control it and manage it will transform EAs and other Volume Licensing agreements. Office 365 now offered by VARs plus the traditional licensing will allow Microsoft clients to change existing agreements to embrace the flexibility or sign new subscription deals with their VARs that could include services as well (as DTM Systems offers today)

Overall a great transformation on how we access the apps and the data, the devices coming along nad allowing us to use it better, great times for those who are able to adapt.

Office 13 and Windows 8 will be a game changer as Office 365 and Azure will allow us to embrace a better, more dynamic, less difficult licensing model.


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