Office 365 going to Open License, what could this mean?

Thank you to all that followed the @mslicensing tweet today @dtm_systems, it has been a great experience to tweet up for the WPC 2012.

Today I take one announcement with high consideration, Office 365 is going to be offered in Open license, a prepaid offer that will enable partners to package it with the necessary services (AD checks, Training, Network assessments, etc…) that could be necessary to embrace the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud. This way Microsoft is following the trend of what the clients are building with their clients, selling the service not the product.

How this influences Volume licensing? Well on EA the price is lower for O365 subscriptions however you commit for longer and the question is what entry-level an organization is going to pursue, EA or direct Office 365 with the partner of choice, this effectively can disrupt the monopoly of the LAR and enhances the ability for the VARs to compete effectively and without intermediaries. I am looking to see more instructions on the licensing methodology with respect EA for this new way to offer O365, I bet the outcome will be interesting.

I think the announcement actually corresponds to the desirable protection of the partnerships and enhancement of the offering making Microsoft more friendly to its Solution based partners, and because O365 embraces SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and Office Pro plus for example the whole package is going to effectively contribute to the road map of moving the applications to the Cloud.

Imagine for a second you need to use Microsoft products and you are starting a company, O365 plus Intune could actually suffice you to start running effectively your business productivity, and in multiple devices as well.

We will see what else is said this week in Toronto, the era of subscription licensing is definitely here.

Folow me @mslicensing

Office 365 Open: A new way for partners to sell the service, Office 365 Open is a pre-paid offer that enables partners to realize more revenue, deliver packaged services with a single invoice and manage the customer relationship

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