Adobe Creative Suite on the Cloud

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Finally, Adobe is in the game of “Cloud licensing”.
It is time to enjoy Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Acrobat X, InDesign, etc for a monthly fee, this can actually become the delivery way for Adobe in the future.
Basically the subscription gives you the right to download the product so it is not streaming, that could be quite challenging as images managed and edited on Adobe products could slow down the pipe dramatically, so I am glad it can be downloaded.
It will Syn, store and share content including the availability of hosting sites you can create. Minimum is one year plan, standard, and for around $50 per month.Why is this significant?
The effort Adobe is putting into this offering corresponds to the trend that more vendors including those that elaborate complex software applications are moving to CLoud based services, creating a new subscription offering for their “Cloud computing licensing” that could mean eventually the end of the CLP and TLP acquisition method including the end of the new Adobe EA agreement.

Glad to see Adobe moving into the industry direction.
Link to the site:

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