System Center 2012 and simplifying licensing

I remember the SMS days and then the System Center transformation.

I remember the System center diversification and it reminded me of an old lesson from my university days, in marketing to create a new thing out of nothing is the most profitable way to sell. For example, washers, to wash clothes, some of them can be sold with 35 different programs for multiple shades of color, water temperature, type of fabric, etc… When System center transformed its way to be multiple names, and CALs I saw again the greedy diversification to ask for more out of the client budget.

Bundles existed (sorry Suites in the Microsoft vocabulary) and to complicate things manage virtual systems made licensing even more complex, to the point Microsoft had to create mini-EA agreements to put the right compliance in for larger clients (ECI).

I am happy to see the new simplification of System Center, going to a per processor license and having a Standard and a DataCenter edition.

By simplifying the model can help compete versus Vmware model, however being technology evaluations a lot more than licensing acquisition methodology it is going to be a very interesting battle between the two companies on the management space. Intune could move the balance.


This is a link to a good article on the subject

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