Windows 8 and Software Assurance

Waiting on WindImageows 8?

I am, I would like to take the step of an early adopter and it crossed my mind to run it on an ipad. And it can certainly be possible with the feature “Windows to go”

see link:

I think is very cool.

How does this translate into licensing:

Well, first of all we can expect the typical diversification of Windows OEM, Home, Pro and Enterprise. It is predicted that Windows Enterprise will be available only with Software Assurance, and Microsoft is expected to add Windows to Go as a benefit for the users of those organizations with SA.

see this article:

We will see how this transforms in SPLA, probably by extending the same feature to its Windows 8 future sku, it would be a big miss not to allow Service Providers to offer Windows to Go  as part of their VDI offerings. Specially now that many SIs and MSPs are on the game.

I am confident Windows 8 will gain marketshare but the best should be to make it so multiplatform that can run also on an Ipad, maybe too much to ask at the moment.

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