The Future of Licensing

For a while I have been pondering on the subject and I am convinced that the subscription model will gain momentum with the new focus on mobile devices that will connect all data anywhere. This means that a new licensing structure will emerge from the SPLA and other Service provider subscription model and it will contain a risk factor for vendors. Basically the vendor that evolved a perpetual license into a subscription model seemly will gain the approval and recognition fo clients and push their technology. Those maintaining a perpetual rigid structure that don’t make the transition easy will suffer from disapproval and abandon. Today EA from Microsoft can be amend to offer Office 365, however a full transition and benefit of terms and conditions are not there yet. It will require a different way to see True Ups and renewals. VMware and the RAM count is a good idea but very difficult to track, it will require a better trust on the client and a purely core or processor license subscription instead.
Vendors have been thinking “Data Center” when designing the Cloud, and that is ok, however they need to understand that the private cloud or the Hybrid cloud does not like or understand the subscription models that don’t allow multiple licensing models to “co-exist”… just my opinion

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