Big Announcement of merge VL or traditional Licensing with OnDemand or Cloud Licensing

Microsoft has listened to the partner community, just announced in the Microsoft Hosting Summit

Amazing announcement on licensing today

Effective July 1st

Servers VL now able to move to cloud with SA.: First step to merge the traditional licensing world with OnDemand or Cloud licensing based on SPLA program. This is a big step as will allow many clients with EAs to leverage the licensing investment. Long View as Hosted provider can use Lync, Sharepoint and other technologies for clients who already paid for the licensing in the traditional way. The key is that the client must have Sotware Assurance. More details to come.

Products include SQL server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Dynamics CRM

SALs for SA enhancement.

System Center Usage for Service Providers:

Single “pane of glass” via single console across SPLA & VL devices

Introduction of Core Infrastructure Suite for Service Providers

Removal of Outsourcing SKU for Win Server

Eliminating Scenario restrictions on “non-outsourcing”: SKU

Cover all scenarios, at a lower cost for windows server licenses

This first step is going to protect Microsoft EA from moving completely out to the Cloud and consequently not renewal however it may actually potentially move EA renewals to Cloud solutions. We will see how the CAL is developed but definitely is a shift on the licensing complexity to actually make it more simple (finally!!) kudos to the Microsoft Hosted team for pushing this change, specially Microsoft sponsors of the changes like Bob Kelly Corporate Vice President Server(who made the announcement)  and Tools Business and Marco Limena Worldwide Communications Sector.


2 thoughts on “Big Announcement of merge VL or traditional Licensing with OnDemand or Cloud Licensing

  1. How does the Core Infrastructure Suite change for a service provider? Before we needed to have dedicated hardware and now we don’t. Is it just one license now for SPLA and non-SPLA clients?

    • Frank
      sorry i did not see the comment for long
      thre is a single sku on SPLA that is licensed per proc, non SPLA clients have the option but they will need to buy the client ML
      as System center just changed now the required license4 seems to be only the ML, not necessarily the consol license.
      hope this helps

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