Do I need ECAL for Lync?

Good question, and like with any other thing in licensing Yes and No

Yes, you better have ECAL because is going to give you all the CALs you need for Lync (except Telephony CAL, that is a separate purchase -Ent Plus CAL). Yes, if you want also SharePoint and other applications and you have already an EA for example, you need to maintain CAPEX and own the asset

No, if you just want Lync licensing, you are just buying it for a few users and your EA pushes you to buy it for all. No, if you are considering OPEX, outsource it or making Lync run in the Cloud, installed and manage by professionals that already know the application

More and more companies are looking at Lync and understanding the advantage of rapid deployment, management and reliability to work with an outsourcing company, like Long View Systems, that can even leverage the OnDemand Licensing instead of dealing with expensive true ups, for example.

Key questions:

  • Do you want CAPEX or OPEX?
  • Are you able to deploy it yourself?
  • Do you want te rest of the features of ECAL?

There are paths for every journey.

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