Licensing Advisors-IBM,Gartner and others

Project liberate and other advisors like Gartner have developed a licensing advise practice that focuses on advising clients how to reduce their licensing costs by stepping out of Enterprise Agreements

However many of the points they mention on their sites and articles are correct (some others are not, like some information Gartner publishes on an OEM licenses), these advisors are more concentrated on the short term cost reduction than understanding that strategy to be contemplated as a long term investment. Also is quite significant that do not observe Microsoft new commitments to release new editions every 24-30 months, or that to be able to avoid issue on interaction of technologies a dynamic It requires to abandon Jurassic software for a strategy of refreshment of 3-4 years. What worries me is the LAR responsibility advising accordingly to its clients. The LAR needs to be a trusted advisor, then companies or institutions will save money on useless and expensive licensing reports from opportunistic advisors. I only know of one LAR that will do the job: Long View Systems

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