How Microsoft Can Save Your company Money

·         Deploy virtualization –  Reduce server hardware needs with Windows Server Hyper-V – Click here to read about a customer who saved money

·         Consolidate vendors and reduce database TCO, especially against Oracle, with the Application Platform Agreement

·         Lower desktop deployment and management costs by deploying Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and Application Virtualization – Click here for a customer example

·         Realize a significant cost reduction for server ownership by improving data center operations management with Microsoft System Center – Click here for a customer example

·         Consolidate suppliers and product purchasing through the Core CAL & eCAL offerings

·         Deploy the software that is already owned and maximize current IT spend –  Click here to see how one partner has operationalized a program to help customers deploy what they already own

·         Reduce travel and communications costs with Microsoft Unified Communications solutions

·         Reduce costs and improve security with standardized configurations of Windows desktops, servers and mobile devices that optimize infrastructure – Click here for resources and customer examples

·         Using Windows Vista can save energy costs, increase mobility and productivity, and reduce deployment and data protection costs – Click here for the facts on Windows Vista

·         Leverage Microsoft Finance to give customers payment flexibility and secure options for financing solutions

·         Proper Project and Portfolio Management gives organizations visibility into areas where costs can be eliminated – Click here for a customer example

·         Broaden the skill sets by using the Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits like Training Vouchers, Desktop Deployment Planning Services, Home Use Program and eLearningMicrosoft Online Services can reduce the total cost of ownership in most cases – Click here for field resources

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