Let us be friends! The complex Office 365 partner recognition balance

Let us be friends! The complex Office 365 partner recognition balance

Imagine this situation, Microsoft has its promotions for services dollars, and of course recognizes the partner that deploys the Office 365 seats. As well, today Microsoft pays fees from office 365 subscription to the influence partner.

The document of recognition only contemplates one single partner, however two or more partners are helping the customer to accomplish the goal, either because they are in multiple regions in the world, and/or of course manpower needs to be local many times for the offices or because they just like two partners and want to share the love.

This forces partners to share the deal, and avoid the conflicting proposition on showing who did more if they want to get a piece of the fee out of the subscription license on monthly basis.

Partners have to achieve agreements, send cheques to each other and figure out how to share the love.

My suggestion to Microsoft will be to recognize differently the fees, allow for multiple partners to be allocated, avoid the customer to become a referee.

This is an example when licensing doesn’t meet services, and opening the bet of Office 365 fees to the VAR world means we all will pursue the recognition to get the necessary fees to the sustainability of our recurrent revenue stream out of licensing.

I think another model could be better…

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